I make her smile

This will be a short post – but one I had to type up and share.

A couple of weeks ago, as part of everything we are doing for AJ, we had Early Intervention come and evaluate her. I honestly thought they would tell me she is perfectly fine and go about my day. Instead they found delays in three important development areas which qualified her for their intervention, regardless of her diagnosis.

The three areas are social, cognitive and her communication. Now I have to admit having a bit of an understanding of such things, while I frowned at the idea of her having any delays, I also am cognizant of the fact she is still just 7 weeks old (6 weeks when they did the assessment). As someone close said it to me “Most children either develop more physically or cognitively first- and usually not together.”

I did sit there somewhat dumbfounded over the social and communication areas however.  I get her to smile and talk all the time – there was a time where my husband even said “She only talks for you.” – which is (thankfully) slowly changing.  After their assessment I was questioning myself of what I was really seeing.

However today it was proven. She had her 2 month well visit and her Dr was trying to get her to follow him using lights, red objects, his finger –  but to no avail she ignored him. He was a bit concerned (same thing EI saw) but said we would watch it.  At the same time she was giving him a smile, but he was not convinced it was a social smile – which technically I am OK with, even if it is just the reflex smile – at least she is doing it. He had left the room to get me her report and as I was making faces at her I got her to follow me from one side to the other and smile. So I called the Dr back in – and she did it again a few times, then she gave the biggest smile and started yappering. He was taken aback (positively) and was said ” Well I will take that, that is exactly what we want to see.”

So, I have concluded ” Hot damn, I make her smile!..” My daughters’ smiles are the main medicine that gets me through a long day – it is why I work so hard to keep them from frowning.


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