Calling for ideas…

Anyone want to raise up some blogging ideas for me? The intention of this blog was to have a place to talk about the girls, especially when AJ was born and we had the issues we did. Now that things are pretty mundane (happily so) I feel like I have this little spot, I should use it. It has been nearly a year since the last time I wrote anything…. Image


3 responses to “Calling for ideas…

  • Ann

    Right there with you, dear! It’s been even longer since I wrote anything on my blog. We’re so busy with work, kids, and living, it’s hard to even remember to take those little insights into life that we have throughout a day and turn them into blog posts. If you’re intent on doing it, maybe explore the blogs you like to get some “spark”?

    Those “issues” you mentioned were how we first met, but I’m really glad that your life has settled into the blissful mundane. We appreciate it while we can! 🙂

    • dnoller

      I remember that Ann… You have been not only resourceful but a constant support. I may not like the circumstances, but I will always be grateful that we have met.

      It’s a good idea that you pose. I must admit though like writing, I don’t necessarily build in the time to read.:( Unless it’s the AP. However, I really need to do both. I need not just the outlet, but a few muses. What blog spaces do you frequent?

  • Ann

    I don’t read a lot of blogs, either, actually. If I were going to, I’d want to read whatever Cheryl Phillips is writing, presently, I read because he writes fantastic leadership material, especially regarding churches,

    I love and dream of doing my own projects one day, I enjoy reading & her adventures with her many small children, & too! 🙂

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